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Attendance, Welfare & Safeguarding Services

As part of the Central Team, the Trust offers a full-time Head of Service responsible for the Welfare, Inclusion, Safeguarding & Attendance (WISA) of our pupils, who is best placed to provide the  external schools with their needs and can include:
  • Face to face casework with families and students where school attendance problems exist.

  • Identification, analysis, planning and review of every aspect relevant to your school’s attendance.

  • Guidance & school procedures ensuring they are in place.

  • Data analysis, action plan and evidence of the progress you have made in attendance.

  • Review staff responsibilities ensuring best practice is in place.

  • Identify how to get the most out of your MIS systems.

  • Reporting for Ofsted, Governors, Senior Leadership Team.

  • Support those responsible for pupil attendance.

  • Bespoke training to suit your needs in all areas of school attendance, exclusions, safeguarding, court work, case preparation and much more.

  • Offering a programme to engage with groups of young people to encourage opportunity for young people to develop and change.

  • Preparation of prosecution paperwork for submission to court.

  • Preparation of legal papers for prosecution.

wisa enquiries

For support or further information regarding Welfare, Inclusion, Safeguarding & Attendance services, please contact Nigel Shaddick, Head of Service for WISA by email at:, or by telephone on:  01986 835670.