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Early Years Centre of Excellence

Early Years Centre of Excellence at Yoxford & Peasenhall Primary School


Our purpose built Early Years Centre of Excellence opened at Yoxford & Peasenhall Primary School in Easter 2018.  Under the management of the Trust’s EYFS Head of Service, Caroline Rankin, the centre offers excellent facilities, provision and practice for Nursery and EYFS children, enabling them to learn in a bright, interesting, caring and safe place to develop and grow. 

We strive for our pupils to develop independence, confidence, flexibility and positive attitudes to life learning and this starts in the very earliest stages of their academic life.


The values of the YoxValley Partnership and the Trust ensures that children develop in their own special way and are given a firm foundation for future life, in school and beyond.

The centre will also provide an opportunity for collaborative working with families in the community, as well as a training facility for early years practitioners in other local settings and further afield.

The centre is staffed by highly qualified and experienced early years practitioners and we also look forward to supporting higher education schemes such as Apprenticeships and the Trust's own Training & Skills Partnership.

For further information regard the Centre, Nursery and Reception, please contact Caroline Rankin at:

To explore opportunities through our Training & Skills Partnership, please take a look at our website page here