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Health Shield Cash Plan

Our employees are our greatest asset, which is why The Consortium Trust provides our staff with an occupational Treatment Cash Plan through Schools UK 'Health Shield' which pays for a range of everyday healthcare and wellbeing related benefits and options.

health shield cash plan categories of benefits

  1. Dental cash back of up to £30.00 per annum

  2. Optical cash back of up to £30.00 per annum

  3. Chiropody cash back of up to £30.00 per annum

  4. Health & Wellbeing cash back of £30.00 per annum

  5. Combined Physiotherapy cash back of £30.00 per annum

    Please refer to the Health Cash Plan Terms & Conditions as to what is, and what is not included.

increase your benefit level

  • The Trust pays for a Cash Back Benefit 'Level 1' which provides you with £30.00 per annum in each Benefit Category.

  • You can increase your Benefit Level via your Personal Profile to the following:

  • Benefit Level 1, £30.00 per annum - Company Paid
  • Benefit Level 2, £100.00 per annum @ £7.50 per month
  • Benefit Level 3, £150.00 per annum @ £15.55 per month
  • Benefit Level 4, £200.00 per annum @ £24.10 per month 

add your children free of charge for their own cash back benefits

  • Add your Children up to the age of 21, or 24 if in full-time education FREE OF CHARGE to receive up to £30.00 cash back per annum, as a total combined cash back amount across all children in each Benefit Category. If you have two children, your combined claim in each Benefit Category will be limited to the 'shared maximum' benefit level, per annum.

  • Add Children under under your Personal Profile quickly and easily, at no extra cost.

add your partner

  • Add you Partner via your Personal Profile and you will be sent a Declaration to complete and return.

  • Benefit Level 1, £30.00 per annum @ £5.25 per month
  • Benefit Level 2, £100.00 per annum @ £20.20 per month
  • Benefit Level 3, £150.00 per annum @ £36.35 per month
  • Benefit Level 4, £200.00 per annum @ £53.45 per month 


  • Claim online and receive fast payment direct to your account; most eligible claims are processed within 2 days!  Make a claim via your Personal Profile.


health shield cash plan enquiries

If you have any queries regarding your Health Shield Cash Plan, please contact Liz Frere-Smith, Head of Service for People, by email at:, or by telephone on:  01986 835670.

How do I add an existing medical condition?

Contact Health Shield to include an existing medical condition. You can use their online enquiry form at:

Contact Health Shield

contact health shield

You can contact Health Shield, via their Online Enquiry Form:  Contact Health Shield 

By Telephone:  01270 588555