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Launch of new Learning Platform in September 2021


The Primary Entitlement book is going online!  The book, which sets out the Trust’s commitment that all pupils are provided with the opportunity to engage in activities that enrich their learning beyond the formal curriculum, has now been developed as part of a new learning platform.  The ‘Learning Pi’ platform will offer everything that the book did, with many more added features designed to support the Trust’s ambition for all pupils to benefit from well-designed learning opportunities that make sure children develop future life skills.  The platform, now is in its final stages of development, will be launched at the start of the new academic year and all pupils will have access to it within the first half term. 

Parent/Carers Forum

Now in its final development stage, we are keen to gather feedback from parents, pupils and all other stakeholders.  We will be undertaking small ‘test groups’ and if your child’s class is involved we will, of course, be in touch with you directly to discuss this first.  We are also offering all parents and carers the opportunity to learning more about the platform at an online meeting on Thursday 29th April, at 7pm. If you are interested in attending the meeting please use the Google Meet link below.


Since 2019 school and central team staff have been undertaking research and reviews to further develop the curriculum and the Primary Entitlement book.  It is vital that any educational development is backed up by the latest research and in October 2020 Joel Vaughan (class teacher at Rendlesham) was appointed as researcher for the new learning platform.  He shares an article in this edition of Horizon Home Time setting out his work, findings and aspirations for the platform. 

Platform Objectives

The platform is being built and designed by a local developer who has worked with us closely since starting the build in September 2020. 

Learning Pi has a number of objectives:

  • A hub for pupils and families where progress and achievement can be reviewed and celebrated
    • that supports pupil/parent consultations
    • that demonstrates and values achievement in personal development
    • that demonstrates pupil attainment and progress in the reading, writing, maths and science
  • A hub for pupils and families to engage in learning opportunities designed to develop their – Personal Development, Creative Development and Community Engagement
  • A hub for teachers to discuss with pupils the characteristics of learning and how they can develop them
  • A hub where, with the class teacher, SEND pupils and their families can set meaningful targets for attainment
  • A hub where SEND pupils can track and celebrate their achievements in a broader context
  • A hub where teachers are able to review pupil attainment and progress in core subjects as well as pupil’s learning characteristics
  • A hub that provides short learning notifications

Further details will be included at the parent forum and subsequent information provided to parents and carers.