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Learning Pi Spring Term Update

The Spring term has seen the Learning Pi site grow in both function and use. Over 650 activities have been completed by children across the trust – the characteristic with the most activities completed has been “Determined and resilient”. This is great to see as when I started my research for this project one of the key questions we were trying to answer was “How can we make our pupils more resilient?”.  We have seen some brilliant photos and videos of completed activities and these have been shared across our social media platforms to continue to build engagement with parents.

The site has also now been developed so that teachers can share children’s individual targets easily with parents. Instead of writing targets on Individual Support Plans like we have previously, targets can now be updated and completed online and parents can see the evidence that has been uploaded showing pupils meeting their targets.

We are continuing to develop the site and are regularly asking our developer to change, improve and add features to the site to make it simple to use by both teachers and parents. Features we are looking at adding soon are:

  • A simple way for pupils to login at school.
  • Tags and filters so we can sort and find specific groups easier notifications for parents and teachers.
  • EYFS friendly Hexagons for the younger children,
  • A ‘feed’ on each child’s page showing the history of the activities they have been assigned and have completed.
  • A report page so that we can generate our yearly reports direct from the Learning Pi site.
  • Assessment data copied from Arbor so that parents can see their children’s attainment and progress all in one place.

The use of the Learning Characteristic Hexagons have continued to grow across the trust (I have noticed more and more have appeared in the background of meetings on Google Meet!) and I am hoping to visit schools across the trust this term to share ideas of how to embed their use in both the classroom and in the planning of lessons and the curriculum.  

Thank you to the Learning Pi leads across the trust that have supported us in developing the platform and have introduced its use in their schools and hubs. We will continue to meet regularly in order to develop the site further and embed the use of Learning Characteristics in and out of the classroom.