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Locality Committees, Teams & Draft Terms of Reference

The role of Locality Committees (LCs) is an important one.  It is to provide focused challenge and monitoring at a local level and it is the intention of the Trust that Locality Committees will have the highest level of decision making appropriate to their School(s).  The Locality Committee monitors the School(s) Development Plan (SDP), the School(s) Evaluation Framework (SEF) and key performance indicators including the Accountability Overview Document (AOD) and offers challenge and support to the Academy Head and Senior Leadership Team.

The Locality Committee and the Teams are considered, in legal terms, to be a sub-committee of the Consortium Trust Board and as such, has clear Terms of Reference and specific delegations of tasks and functions as detailed in the Scheme of Delegation. Delegation can be removed from the Locality Committee by the Consortium Trust Board, if intervention is deemed necessary.

The Locality Committee carries out its duties on behalf of the Board of Trustees in accordance with policies determined by the Trust Board.  The act of delegation from the Trust Board to Locality Committees is a delegation of tasks and functions and not a delegation of responsibilities. The Locality Committee will work closely with the Trust’s Directorate and will implement any advice or recommendations made. 

Locality Committee Teams will be focused on the following areas:

  • Health & Safety and Premises

  • Pupil Experience

  • Parent Parliament

  • Safeguarding

  • Wellbeing

The Trust Board retains the right to review or remove any power or responsibility delegated to the Locality Committee, in particular, in circumstances where serious concerns in the running of the School are identified, including where:

  • There is insufficient progress being made against educational targets (including where intervention by the Secretary of State is being considered or carried out);

  • There has been a break down in the way in which the School is being managed or overseen; or

  • The safety of pupils or staff is threatened, including a breakdown of discipline;

Where necessary, the Trust Board will put in place, for an appropriate period of time, a Locality Committee Intervention Board, which will be responsible for addressing the areas of weakness.