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NPQ Case Studies


Simon Lea - UKS2 Class Teacher & English Lead at Barnby & North Cove

I am studying for the qualification of a National Professional Qualification in Leading Teacher Development. What inspired me to participate in this course was to foster my skills of coaching and mentoring for individual teachers to a much wider community.This course provides me with the necessary tools to lead development of teachers across a number of areas. It also shows me how to break down complex areas of support into more manageable tasks for teachers, ensuring that the wellbeing of staff is always at the forefront of any work. One of the main areas that particularly interests me is that of building an ethos and culture of development across the school.


Samantha Barnard - Assistant Academy Head, SENCo & Inclusion Lead at Glebeland 

This year I decided I wanted to develop a deeper understanding of the leadership role and reading through the developmental CPD programme created by Ambition I felt the NPQH would be suited.

I have found the 2 weekly cycle programme fits into my work schedule as it is broken down into further stages of 20 mins sessions of a piece o f reading, scenarios based situations, evidence focused on theory and reflective questioning. It enables me to access the programme at a time that suits me. I have found the delivery and content of the programme to be informative and highly beneficial in reflecting on my own practice. 

It has enabled me to develop my understanding of how to identify the key issue, collect data and then develop a strategy that works for us, whilst also re-focusing on how to tackle matters that arise when implementing new strategies.


Louise Scott - Academy Head - Borders Partnership

I am currently studying for the NPQEL which explores the leading of multiple settings at a strategic level.  I have chosen Ambition Leadership as the provider of the course as the programme.The course, which is heavily supported by research and evidence from real school scenarios, lasts for 18 months and is broken into modules each with a specific focus. The course provides a variety of study approaches including self-study, community clinics, paired buddy support and coaching. The time invested is manageable and flexible, which I feel is important. The course has helped to develop my strategic thinking and provided a range of principles, models and framework upon which to build school improvement.


Henry Huxtable - Class Teacher & Maths Lead at Barnby & North Cove

Studying for a national professional qualification for leading teaching has been hugely beneficial for my practice and confidence in general in the professional environment. The course has allowed me to take an in depth look into what makes an excellent teacher and how to advise my colleagues on achieving that level of success that we all aim for in our schools.

The programme has helped me unpack and apply learning in teaching, whole school curriculum and assessment – and to support others to develop in these areas. The approach of using case studies across different modules has helped me have an anchor point in each focus, whether it is learning about the model of memory, setting achievable but ambitious goals within a subject or developing my own skills to have professional and supportive conversations between colleagues, I have found that there are engrossing course materials with plenty of references to high quality texts to refer back to.

 From the early stages of the course, I was able to apply what I had learnt in my course and transfer it into staff meetings for shared CPD across the whole school. Often we can feel secluded in our own schools but this process has been refreshing to see that many of the issues that we face in our own settings are shared in their evidence based framework and whilst you cannot “copy and paste” their approaches to a solution, a supportive template can easily be taken as a frame of reference.

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