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Offer to Schools

The Consortium Trust has grown rapidly since 2016 and from the very beginning, invested in a robust Central Team, to ensure that the expertise, knowledge and skills required at every level of school governance and leadership were in place.  This has enabled us to develop strong strategic and operational support to our schools so that together excellence and pupils thrive, in a collaborative, inspiring and exciting environment.

Please view our offer to our Trust and Associate Schools below.

standards & excellence offer to trust schools

Providing a range of services to support you in ‘Getting your School to Exceptional’, including:

  • CEO & Executive Leadership Performance Reviews

  • Senior Leader / Head Performance Reviews

  • Annual School Effectiveness Reviews

  • Basic school improvement entitlement (a bespoke day deployment of our school improvement team )

  • Schools standards work Termly moderations, visits and action plans

  • Support with external/LA moderations

  • Annual half day AiDP / SDP / SEF support and review

  • Emergency Head Cover

  • As a Trust school you will benefit from a fully supported transition, training and ongoing support of our online pupil tracking system through Pupil Asset

school monitoring offer to trust schools

Our Education & Learning Central Trust Team offers a range of effective services designed to assist School Leaders with the challenges of strategic delivery, including:
  • Development of the School's Evaluation Framework

  • Monitoring and evaluation of Teaching & Learning across Key Stages

  • Facilitation of effective pupil progress meetings

  • Presenting data to stakeholders

  • Use of data to raise standards

Half termly meeting with a Senior Education Leader, focussing on local need which may include:
  • Review of Data Review of School Development Plan

  • Review of Performance Reviews

Half termly strategic planning through membership of the Trust's:

Teaching, Learning & Assessment Panel

Half Termly Academy Head Forums 

Annual moderation of evidence 

Signposting to further Trust support, such as mentoring for Senior Leaders

Signposting to best practice opportunities for SLT, Classroom Teachers and Support Staff

Email and Telephone communication and support to the E&L Central Trust Team School support with the transition, training and use of our online data tracking system through Pupil Asset*

strategic development offer to trust schools

Pupil Premium Health Check Carried out by an accredited reviewer and provides a full bi-annual Pupil Premium Health Check Review, including:-
  • Pupil Premium Health Check

  • Report to School Leaders

  • Support and guidance for development of Pupil Premium Action Plan

The Trust's Accountability Overview Platform provides a half termly RAG rated analysis of school functions, including:
  • School Leadership

  • Standards & Excellence

  • Education, & Learning

  • Financial Regularity

  • Facilities

  • H&S

  • Safeguarding

  • GDPR

  • Team Around the School*

* At times, targeted and strategic intervention is needed to bring your school back on track, or to support your school with specific areas of concern. Through the Trust’s Accountability process, needs are identified early to ensure that timely and appropriate measures are in place and may include:

  • Half termly meetings attended by all relevant Trust directorates

  • Additional support brokered by the Chair of the TAS (including development of subject specific monitoring and plans).

  • TAS Progress Reports to Trustees

CORE curriculum offer to trust schools

Coordinated and facilitated by the Education & Learning Team, our Curriculum offer provides Trust schools with:

Coordination of half termly English, Maths & Science Leads meetings to support the development of core subjects across the Trust.

Hosting or attendance to meetings where hub or school staff are validating judgements, to monitor and support process and to ensure that teachers judgements are secure.

Use of and reference to the Subject Leaders Guidance documents to facilitate  discussion and development.

Annual monitoring of SATs assessments and procedures. 

curriculum innovation offer to trust schools

Our Heads of Service within the Education & Learning Central Team provide a range of effective support services to schools, including:

  • Termly Pupil Parliament events including the associated development of action plans and monitoring of impact in schools. 

  • Termly Primary Entitlement visit to support development of Trust's Primary Entitlement initiative.

  • Processing and approval of Educational Visits requests and assessment of impact.

  • Bespoke curriculum development, tailored to your school's visions and values.

  • Staff mentoring, including support for Senior Leaders and Subject Leaders. 

  • Development of working parties for specific foci such as Wellbeing, Welfare Inclusion and Health & Safety. 

  • Providing baseline support and evaluation of projects and initiatives. 

  • Coordination of initiatives such as Zoom online tutoring and event days. 

  • Facilitation of P4C and Latin training and development in schools. 

  • Facilitation of half termly Trust Education Newsletter—’Horizons’

  • Support for School Councils/Pupil Parliament Support with Curriculum Enrichment Days.

  • Signposting best practice across the Trust and other settings. 

early years foundation stage offer to trust schools

Our Head of Service for EYFS can assist your school with all areas, including:-

Annual curriculum review, including provision of learning environment and development of Action Plan linked to schools SEF & SDP.

Developing the learning environment both inside and outside. 

Signposting ‘trading places’ opportunities for Support and Teaching Staff. 

Annual moderation of EYFSP evidence. 

Termly Moderation sessions for EYFS. 

Annual Phonics Review Audit and development of prime and specific areas of learning.

Termly visit to include joint observations with senior leaders. 

Supporting observations, assessment and planning. 

Supporting and developing Support Staff in EYFS.

send support offer to trust schools

Our Special Educational Needs Lead SENDCo provides support your school, including:

  • The Information Report Framework Review of SENDCo provision in school

  • Audit of SEND needs

  • Regular SENDCo support in school

  • Planning for impact through evidenced based interventions

  • Evaluation of impact of SEND interventions

  • Development of Dyslexia/ASD/Elkan/ELSA/Behavioural Specialists Support with signposting to specialist therapies and services Signposting to preferred partner services

welfare, inclusion, safeguarding & attendance offer to trust schools

Our Head of Service for Welfare, Inclusion, Safeguarding & Attendance (WISA), offers comprehensive support and guidance to schools, parents and carers in all areas of welfare including:

Inclusion Services:
  • Advise and guidance on inclusion matters

  • Review of Accessibility Plans

Safeguarding Services: 
  • Termly Safeguarding Visit to support processes and practice

  • Termly DSL Network Forum

  • Annual Single Central Record Audit and Action Plan

  • Annual Safeguarding Audit and Action Plan

Attendance Services: 
  • Attendance guidance and support

  • Termly Attendance Visit and review of Action Plan

  • Support with Statutory Appeals

  • Preparation of prosecution paperwork for submission to court

  • Preparation of legal papers for prosecution Conflict Resolution advice and guidance Conflict Resolution

physical education & outdoor learning offer to trust schools

The Consortium Trust offers a diverse Physical Education & Outdoor Learning Central Offer:

  • A bi-annual Sports Premium Strategy Review

  • A bi-annual Sports Premium Strategy Action Plan

  • Facilitates and manages a Termly Inter-Trust Tournament or Swimming Gala
    across the key stages, including EYFS

  • Support with Subject Leadership

  • Curriculum PE & Sports services

  • Facilitation of school PPA release

  • Extra curricular after school clubs covering a range of activities, including:-  Archery
    Coordination of Sports Days

training & skills offer to trust schools

The Trust values its staff as our strongest assets. We see ourselves as a lifelong learning community. We constantly review training needs and opportunities across all aspects of school management and education & learning. Many of our courses are recognised by the CPD Accreditation Service.

Through our Training Skills Partnership (TSP) we offer a number of development opportunities including:
  • Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Programme

  • Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM ) Courses

  • Apprenticeship Schemes

  • Opportunities within the Secondary, Tertiary & Volunteer sectors

Our CPD & Training courses include:
  • Annual PD Day Education Conference

  • Senior Leadership Training through the ‘Leadership Unpacked’ programme

  • Maths Mastery Training and bespoke sessions planned through the Maths Lead Group

  • Curriculum and Subject specific CPD (as published on our website)

Compliance & Statutory CPD including:


Designated Safeguarding Lead Training

Introduction to Safeguarding & Prevent Training

Behaviour & the Law Training

Risk Assessment & Behaviour Plan

Annual Keeping Children Safe Updates

Health & Safety Advice & Guidance

GDPR Audits 


compliance & conversion offer to trust joining schools

We offer a number of compliance and audit services to support your school, as follows:-

Conversion Service:
  • An account manager to support your school through the
    Legal and TUPE process of converting

Compliance Services:
  • Academy Insurance through the government's Risk Protection Arrangement

  • Trust wide Emergency Point of Contact (EPOC) during School closure periods

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead service during School closure periods

  • Access & Membership to CLEAPS

  • Access to the Educator Solutions

  • H&S Helpline Management of H&S and RIDDOR incidents

  • Compliance with the Academies Financial Handbook

  • GDPR Audit and Action Plan

  • Joint Negotiating Consultative Committee Policy Consultation & Review

finance offer to trust schools

The Trust provides the following services to support your school with its Financial functions, audit and regulations:

Financial Management:

Online Management Information System through Pupil Asset

Annual budget setting

Budget monitoring 

Preparation and submission of all annual financial reports and accounts

Payroll & Payruns

Staff Expense processing Invoice processing

Integrated Curriculum & Financial Planning (ICFP)

Audit & Report 6 monthly Financial Audit (SIC/SFVS)

Enhanced Finance Service Accounting Support:
  • PSF Accounts Package

  • Preparation and submission of Working Papers

Income Generation:
  • Grant application and bid writing service

Office Support:
  • Annual Administration Conference

  • Office Administrator Network & Training

  • Access to Central Trust Financial Helpline

  • Office Manager Emergency Cover

human resources offer to trust schools

The Trust provides the following HR services to support your school, including:

Contractual & HR advice and support Staff advertising & recruitment Performance Management Payroll Liaison with Trade and Professional Bodies through the Trust’s Joint Negotiating Consultative Committee Pension Provisions: Management and Audit of the Teachers Pension Management and Audit of the LGPS

staff benefits & wellbeing offer for trust schools

The Trust really values its staff and believes in treating our employees well; as such, we offer the following Employee Benefits, including:

  • Well being Champions Network

  • Annual Gala Dinner & Dance in July (subsidised by Trust)

  • Annual Staff Away Day 

  • Free Flu Jab Scheme

  • Staff ‘Thank you’ Day

  • My Works Offers Scheme

  • Optical Assistance with Boots Opticians

  • Employee Assistance Programme

  • Fitness, Exercise & Perks

  • Staff Discounts at Ufford Park Hotel, Golf & Spa Resort

estates offer for trust schools

Our Estates Team can offer the following services to support your school:

Annual Building Condition Survey

Annual Fire Risk Assessment

Annual Asbestos Audit

Annual Maintenance Audit

Annual Health & Safety Audit

Regulatory Inspection Checks

Fixed Wiring Testing

PAT Testing


Facilities Services:
  • Caretaking services

  • Cleaning services

  • Gutter checks & clearance

  • General maintenance works

  • New build projects

  • Refurbishment Projects

  • Audit of IT Infrastructure

  • Minibus Hire

  • Boardroom / Training Room facilities

  • Procurement service

Governance support

Our Locality Committee are supported with a comprehensive range of benefits:

Scheme of Delegation

Governor Hub

Locality Committee Administrators

Annual Governance Conference



Telephone support and guidance