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Primary Assessments

As I am sure you are all aware, due to the pandemic the government has cancelled all statutory assessments in Primary Schools.  This includes Year 6 and Year 2 tests along with Phonic Screenings.

This doesn’t mean we won’t continue to work towards the same goals as before as teachers will continue to assess pupil progress in lots of different ways.  Schools will continue to arrange parents meetings, probably online, and later in the academic year we will let you know how your child’s progress and attainment will be communicated with you in the end of year report.

Pupils in Year 6 usually have their SATS results shared with the secondary school that they will be attending.  Some schools will use this information to organise pupils in different groups for some subjects.  However, secondary schools also ask for the class teacher’s assessments and general information about pupils, and where appropriate, the special educational needs coordinator also shares information.  This year primary schools will continue to share all of the relevant information available to them with their secondary colleagues.  To organise groups, secondaries may choose to assess pupils on entry, many do this as routine already and pupils tend to move in and out of groups thoughout their time in key stage 3.

Later in the year as things become more settled the Trust schools will begin to make contact with secondaries to arrange transition opportunities.  I can assure you that any information relevant to year 6 pupils and their families will be shared in a timely manner ensuring the best possible transition in what are exceptional circumstances.