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Professional and Personal Development Review (PPDR)

As a Trust we continue to invest heavily in the further development of all our staff. This academic year has seen a whole scale review of the PDR process, now rebranded as PPDR. By the time Horizons is published most schools will have had a training and information sharing presentation during a staff meeting about this new system.

At the heart of the process is the use of a non-directive coaching approach to enable professional conversations to support colleagues in bringing together ideas and development needs into a target or body of work for their PPDR but with the appraisee in the driving seat.

AHs and AAHs have had training in using this approach and work is also being developed in schools around ensuring that schools have a 'psychologically safe' ethos in all our settings where it is acceptable and encouraged to ask questions or for support and advice or to offer and challenge ideas. Please ask your SLT for more information around this.

A directive style of coaching called instructional coaching is being used by SLTs and subject leads to work with colleagues and feedback to them in small incremental and progressive steps which are discussed and modelled so that it is absolutely clear what is needed to move teaching and learning forward.

Here is a link to a bit more information about the 2 coaching approaches:

You may be interested in looking at  the 'script' that will be used as a guide in the instructional coaching process:

If you have any questions or queries about coaching, please discuss with your AH or AAH or Sam Davidson.