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Residential Activity Centre

Residential Activity Centre at Winterton Primary School to open Easter 2020!


Our Activities at Winterton

With such an expanse and wealth of natural beauty and local history, activities at Winterton Field Study Centre could include:-

  • Coastal ecological studies including landscape and dunes;
  • Environmental studies including longshore drift and erosion;
  • Studies of the local Salt and Fresh Water Marshes;
  • Observing the Seal colonies and their environment;
  • Wildlife and habitat studies and conservation;
  • Walking the Norfolk Coast Path and inland Trails;
  • Bird watching;
  • Sailing with Norfolk Schools Sailing Association at Filby Broad;
  • Canoeing and kayaking at local Broads;
  • Cycle hire at Sea palling;

Local Interests

‚ÄčThe area around Winterton has a wealth of local, historical  and places of interest to support many areas of educational topics, including:-

  • Visits to Horsey Windpump, Hickling and Ludham Broad's.
  • Many Museums including the Time & Tide, the Elizabethan, the Nelson, the Wind Energy, Historic Smokehouse and Broads Museums;
  • Caister Lifeboat Station, Happisburgh Lighthhouse and the nearby Victorian seaside towns of Cromer & Sheringham hold a wealth of information for visitors;
  • Historical interests including the medieval and entriguing St Benet's Abbey at Ludham, Caister Roman For, and Toad Hole Cottage, which gives a wonderful insight into the life of Marshmen. 
  • The Tolhouse at Great Yarmouth, home of a rich merchant whose livelihood no doubt depended on the nearby quayside, before being used as the courtroom, the town gaol with the notorious dungeon known as ‘the hold’, and a police station has a colourful history guaranteed to capivate young minds.
  • To support WWII Topics, Beeston Bump at Sheringham - a WWII wireless interception station where radio signals were intercepted from German E-Boats is a fantastic place to visit. 
  • At nearby Neatishead, the RAF Defence Radar Museum provides a unique window into the history of radar, with twenty exhibit rooms and talks on the early development of Radar and the Cold War.

Our Residential Activity Centre at Winterton Primary School will be open for Easter 2020 and will offer schools and other organisations residential visits in a fully refurbished facility, enabling children to draw on the experiences and learning opportunities of this beautiful coastline and countryside.

Winterton Dunes are a National Nature Reserve, a haven for birdwatching and wildlife with Little Tern and Seal colonies in residence along with the rare Natterjack Toad.

At Winterton-on-Sea and north along the coast to Horsey, the Broads overlap with the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, where in the winter seal pups are born on the beach.

Managed by Natural England, the dunes are Sites of Special Scientific Interest and of international importance for the plants and animals that they support, providing the perfect environment for a treasure chest of wild dune flowers such as the Fen Orchid, Purple Milk-Vetch and Dune Gentian.

Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of standing amidst a sand dune. These are wild places and when you stand amongst the marram grass and sea holly, listening to the sound of the surf and the call of the stonechats you may look up to see a raven wheeling above

We are very excited about this project, so please visit us again soon!  For further information please contact Sam Cutler, Head Of Service for Curriculum Innovation at: