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Mental health support for school leaders

A new mental health support scheme specifically for school leaders has been launched. The scheme will be delivered by the charity Education Support and will provide free one-to-one counselling and peer support to around 2,000 school leaders, helping those at deputy head level and above with their mental wellbeing.

You can find out more about how to access the programme through the Education Support website or by calling their hotline on 08000 562 561.

Supporting a whole school approach through the Education Staff Wellbeing Charter  

To support whole school mental health and wellbeing, the Education Staff Wellbeing Charter has been updated. The charter was co-created with unions, mental health charities and schools and colleges and is a tool to help you create your own wellbeing strategies to protect, promote and enhance the wellbeing and mental health of staff.

We know the DfE has a vital role to play in supporting staff wellbeing, which is why we have also pledged to work with the sector to drive down unnecessary workload, improve access to wellbeing resources, and champion flexible working among a range of actions to support staff wellbeing. 

Find out more about the Education wellbeing charter and consider signing up on GOV.UK, or read this blog from Bedford Academy on the 4 key ways they’re prioritising wellbeing.

Flexible working can boost wellbeing in schools

Over 1 in 4 teaching jobs advertised so far this November on our free job-listing service Teaching Vacancies offer flexible working options. Flexible working is a pillar of the wellbeing charter: recent research found that 89% of teachers working flexibly felt they were able to maintain a good work-life balance and manage their workload more effectively and 85% felt their wellbeing had improved by working flexibly.

Contact the DfE flexible working ambassador school in your region to find out more about the support available, read blogs from schools on the subject or take a look at the flexible working resources for teachers and leaders on GOV.UK.

COP26 – resources for schools and trusts

As COP26 prepares to accelerate global action on sustainability, we are delighted to be working in strategic partnership with leading climate solutions charity Ashden to support School Trusts in the reduction of their carbon emissions.  Schools and Trusts can join the Let’s Go Zero movement to help reduce your emissions.

The DfE has published an article on how education plays a key role at COP26 and in the fight against climate change.

Teaching resources

Together for our planet: Schools Pack – this pack of resources has been created to teach pupils of all ages about climate change.

Our Climate, Our Future: Classroom Pack – the WWF has created COP26 resources for pupils ages 7-16 to help introduce and reinforce the significance of climate change and the role of schools in shaping the future.

UNESCO: Learn for our planet – earlier this year, UNSECO launched a campaign, calling on the world to invest in education for sustainable development and ensure that it is embedded in learning systems globally.

Reading Resources

An inspiring story from XP which is available to download by following this link: