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Sharing is Caring

This year Rendlesham, Yox Valley and Waveney Valley have come together to embed our new question based curriculum.

Throughout this period of time, we have had termly planning meetings where we discuss teaching ideas. In the KS1 group, we decided to share our planning and each teacher would be responsible for a different foundation subject.

This has been a great success with many of us commenting how much more time we have, and how much it has had a positive impact on our mental health and well-being. To start with it was quite a scary thought of putting yourself out there and sharing your lessons and medium term plans with other teachers but everyone was extremely supportive and respectful and lessons and plans were adapted for each teacher's class.

I spoke to other teachers in our new curriculum hub and they gave this feedback.

 Yox Valley - “Working in collaboration with Rendlesham and Waveney Valley staff has drastically reduced my workload.  It is, therefore, making a positive impact on my mental wellbeing knowing I have plans ready to work with after a school break and spending less time planning during the breaks.  I have enjoyed meeting and connecting with KS1 colleagues from other schools and being able to discuss my practice and sharing ideas.”
Waveney Valley -“It has been really helpful to share the planning across KS1. It has had a massively positive effect upon workload and it's been valuable to see how other people plan and share ideas. Plans are easily adaptable as well so if I need to make any changes I can.”