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Staff Wellbeing Champion Forum

The Consortium Trust values our staff and believes that there is a strong correlation between happy supported employees and outstanding school practice.  In addition to our statutory duties as an ethical employer, the Trust launched our Wellbeing Champions network in July 2017. Each school and establishment is entitled to send a representative to our termly meetings that will be held at CMAT central in Halesworth.  

Who:  The Wellbeing Champion can be any member of staff, other than an immediate school leader.  For schools that are working within a partnership, each member school is entitled to send a representative.  Trust central staff and the ESCape Holiday School will also be entitled to representation.  
Why: The network will be used as a constructive staff forum that will in turn improve the well-being and working practices of all colleagues – it is a place to share and develop solutions.

Terms of reference

To review and discuss the termly well-being audits;

To review the existing and future staff well-being support package;

To review and discuss the impact of work practices on well-being;

To consider innovative ways to raise school improvement through staff well-being;

To provide a sounding board for representatives to bring solution focussed discussions on the challenges that we all face.

Who is your Wellbeing Champion?

Your Wellbeing Champion can signpost you to lots of support and information.  Please find the list of Wellbeing Champions across our Trust below:

Consortium Central - Sam Cutler
You can email Sam, at:

Barnby & North Cove Primary School - Karen Sharman
You can email Karen, at:

Glebeland Primary School - Diane Ives
You can email Diane, at:

Helmingham Primary School - Vacancy
You can email Kathy Lloyd, at:   

Henley Primary School - Caroline Townshend
You can email Caroline, at:

Kirkley Nursery - April Bunn

You can email April at: 

Mendham Primary School - Jess Chamberlain
You can email Jess, at:

Middleton Primary School - Rachel Youngman
You can email Rachel, at:

Rendlesham Primary School - Danielle Shipp
You can email Danielle, at:

Southwold Primary School - Katy Last
You can email Katy, at:

St. Edmunds Primary School - Sarah Stephenson
You can email Sarah, at:

Winterton Primary School - Kerry Herod
You can email Kerry at:

Yoxford & Peasenhall - Julia Wright
You can email Julia, at:

Wellbeing trustee

Our Trustee with responsibility for Wellbeing is Toby Slater-Robins.

Toby can be contacted by email at:


wellbeing champion enquiries

For enquiries regarding our Wellbeing Champions Forum, please contact Sam Cutler by email at:, or by telephone on: 01986 835670.