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Take a breath

Sounds easy right? Something we do 24/7 without even thinking about it. But sometimes we need to think about it, pause, take a moment and really breathe. 

'One of the most overlooked - yet most effective - stress management tools is something we involuntarily carry with us throughout every second of the day: our breath. There is a good reason why we often hear people say "Keep breathing" ' - credit - Headspace

Calm, slow and steady breathing practice can help combat stress, anxiety, panic, and those moments when things can start to become overwhelming or you just need a minute.

There are some great apps out there - Headspace is something I've used a lot: (give it a go - hit the link for a free trial!)

or search YouTube for breathing exercises/techniques, 

An easy one to remember is box breathing:

Box breathing is where you inhale for a count of four, hold your breath for four, exhale for four and hold for four, meaning the inhale, hold and exhale are all equal.
If you can't remember or don't want to use a specific counting technique just try: closing your eyes, breathing slowly and deeply for as long as you can through your nose, until it feels like you have filled your entire body with the breath. Hold for a moment and as you exhale - through your mouth- blow away the stress or worry you have at that moment. Try not to linger on that thought, as Elsa says "Let it go!" 
Here is a link to a great, quick mini meditation on breathing from Headspace that requires no thinking or counting - the body leads the breath and mind
I hope you find some of this useful, and remember........