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The Link

This term has been exciting and busier than ever. We now have 4 different groups accessing the Link. Some children visit for a day and some are still two days depending on the focus of the group. We are developing a solely TIS day on a Tuesday, enabling our children to access more sensory activities and early childhood play. Within art we talk about where in our bodies we feel emotions, for example ‘I feel it in my head, it gets hot, I hate being hot then I get more angry.’ The children are beginning to realise that others might feel the same as they do, and they are not different. We asked the children to think about what colour they feel, this did not have to reflect the zones of regulation that we use daily at the link. 

Our upper key stage 2 group have continued to flourish and have achieved so much this term. Cooking has continued to be a major interest for all the boys. All ideas and ingredients are thought out from the group. We have had to adapt some recipes as the ingredients list that the children have written did not match that of the original they had found!

The main project this term has been upcycling a set of dining room chairs. Each child was given a chair. The chairs are all different and personal to each of them, the group are wanting to sell the chairs to fund an end of year visit. The process started with planning what the end product would look like. We then went to Harleston to the paint shop to research what type of paint was needed, what sandpaper would be needed? This educational visit was a great opportunity for the group to approach and talk to the shop assistants….ask where items were? How much were the items? Also, how to act socially in a situation such as, when in a shop, when crossing a road, when a person talks to you. 

If anyone is interested in buying a chair please contact