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Winterton Field Study Centre

Children from Henley Primary School visited Winterton on Sea and thought it was a lovely place for a residential.  Have a read of their report below:

By the time we got there the whole class was buzzing. There were 3 rooms for all the children, me and my friends had the largest room out of the girls. There were 3 bunk-beds and 1 camp bed. The boys had a ginormous room with all 17 of them crammed into. Even though the beds were close together, we made use of that by hanging blankets across to make cool, funky dens. Each person was given a wide plastic box to put their personal precessions in. In the room by the door were the toilets and sinks were.

After school hours, we would sometimes go onto the school’s playground. On the playground they had various things to climb on and things to play. One day we had a hot, smoky bonfire and roasted marshmallows whilst telling jokes.

To get to the beach you would have to take a little walk through the village and up a sandy lane. There were several different ways of getting there, the way you went depended on the weather. On sunny days, the sand was soft and warm and you could bathe in pools of sun and splash in the cooling waves [don’t forget your sun cream]. On cloudy days when it was colder we made castle forts, crab shops and of course hunted for crabs.

The village was beautiful.

 Nearby the school was a large park which we went to both days and sometimes ate our pack lunches there. There was also a fish and chip shop and a little shop that sold everything.

In general Winterton on sea was a lovely place for a residential.    

Maisie Mann and Charlotte Perkins (yr5)