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Our Vision & Values


our name...

Consortium, definition: an agreement, combination, or group (as of companies), formed to undertake an enterprise beyond the resources of any one member.

Consortium, plural: consortia \-shə, - shē-ə\ also consortiums.

Consortium, mediaeval Latin: marital, partnership.

Consortium, Latin noun:  partnership consortium, societas, consortio, consociatio.

our motto

The Trust motto highlights that we are not content with pupils simply acquiring the national expected attainment level. We see our role as primary educators ensuring that every child, no matter of ability should thrive.

‘Where together excellence and pupils thrive’


The Trust’s founding principles:

  • Partnership and collaboration

  • Mutual respect through effective challenge

  • Delegated responsibility for member schools 

our objectives

We are committed to an on-going journey of discovery and development that we believe will help us continually test and challenge ourselves and, consequently, continually enhance our offer to families and young people.

Working together in deep partnership, freeing resources to make our money go further, reducing administration burdens, investing in on-going professional development at all levels, connecting the whole of the learning community together, building system capacity and respecting individuality are all key to the Trusts success.

We do not think in straight lines, we have broken free of the local authority concept of school provision; we are risk takers while always remembering that every action that we take is for the sole purpose to adding value to the core offer to our pupils and ensuring that they receive the exceptional education that they deserve.

our aims

We aim to ensure that:

  • Every school is an exceptional school

  • Every school receives effective support

  • Every school is in an effective partnership

our collaboration

  • Consortium offers collaboration, not prescription.

  • We offer choice, not decisions made for you.

  • Consortium was founded on the principle of delegated responsibility.

our sense of community

The Consortium Trust is born out of the desire to maintain and enhance the position of rural community primary schools in the heart of our communities. We recognised that for smaller schools to remain vibrant and viable – closer integration and collaborative working is necessary to ensure that our curriculum is exciting, provision is full and the outcomes for pupils are exceptional.