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School Showcase



Mendham Primary School held a virtual football training session with coaches at Norwich City football club.

In Pine Class we have been learning all about letter writing. We wrote thank you letters to NHS staff at the Norfolk and Norwich hospital.  Michael (year 1) sent off his thank you letter and had a letter sent back to him. 

Children at Mendham and Hoxne created sky ships in Design & Technology.  These were designed and built after reading the book 'Brightstorm' by Vashti Hardy. 

Izzy won this year's Breakthrough in Education Autumn art competition!




Children at Middleton celebrated the Chinese New Year with noodles, drumming, writing in Chinese and acting the story of the Great Race, the story of the Chinese zodiac.

Ash Class have been enjoying the snow by looking at icicles and making fabulous snowmen and snow animals, all shapes and sizes, measuring the tallest to the smallest.

In science the children learnt to make giant, colourful  ice marbles, noticing how water changes to ice when the temperature gets colder and melts once the temperature warms up. 



Rendlesham Nursery have been reading Dear Zoo and finding out facts about animals, they also tried really hard to do some writing too.



Inspiring Success

Mars and Jupiter classes were very lucky early this month to have a ‘live’ question and answer session with Anthony Ogogo, who is an English professional wrestler and former professional boxer.  Originally from Lowestoft, Suffolk, he currently lives in America with his wife.

Thanks to Google Meet Anthony was able to ‘join’ us live for about twenty minutes.  The children had prepared a number of questions to ask him about his profession and love for his sport.  He said that competing in the London 2012 Olympics Games was the highlight of his career and winning a medal was such a bonus and a privilege. 

This was a brilliant opportunity to ‘meet’ an international sports personality and we found him truly inspirational.


st edmund's

Rowan class have done some amazing artwork working on Andy Eorhol styles.

The picture below is a scan of a pupils version of Albert Einstein.


Yoxford & peasenhall

Oak class celebrated Chinese Year New in school at home by learning the history of where Chinese New Year began. We then spend the morning creating some crafts inspired by the year of the Ox and other Chinese New Year traditions. In the afternoon, Scouts cooked and tested different Chinese foods.

The children in Oak class enjoyed making, measuring and ordering their snowmen to support their learning in Maths.

LKS2 Willow Class have been learning about space and the different planets, as part of this we combined our science knowledge about chemical reactions and created planets which fizz.