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NAHT Mentor Service

We are delighted that Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne, our CEO & Principal is an approved mentor under the NAHT's mentoring scheme, and can offer invaluable support to leaders within the education sector and in our communities.

A leader's career can be a long, winding road, so we want to support the educational community the best way we can. One such way is by facilitating contact between leaders at various stages of their career allowing them to share best practice and invaluable guidance. By working together and tapping into all this knowledge we can make education the best it can be.

The NAHT Mentoring Scheme provides a space for school leaders to share and gain knowledge that will benefit those starting their leadership journey as well as seasoned leaders.

If you are interested in benefitting from, or supporting the NAHT Mentoring Scheme,
please contact our CEO & Principal, Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne directly at:, or by telephone on: 01986 835670.

how can i benefit from having a mentor?

  • Receive independent advice about your expectations and professional development.

  • Develop the capabilities and skills needed to succeed.

  • Identify your strengths, weaknesses, and the best way to use these in your career as a leader.

  • Develop knowledge of discipline-related and non-technical skills, which could contribute towards your continuing professional development (CPD) plan.

  • Access support, professional development, guidance, and networking opportunities.

  • Overcome challenges with the support of a mentor who has been through the same experiences.

how can i benefit from helping others?

  • The ability to develop your coaching and mentoring skills, which can contribute towards your continuing professional development (CPD) plan.

  • The ability to pass on your experience as an employer or employee.

  • A chance to use your communication and leadership skills and industry knowledge.

  • A new perspective on your professional and personal experiences.

  • The satisfaction of helping others and passing your wealth of knowledge.

  • Networking opportunities.